Thursday, July 24, 2008

Helen and Ted's Blueberries - SOLD

I went to Ted James Organic Blueberry Farm today, and got inspired by the abundance of farm life. Ted will have a blog up soon, so you can check out his farming philosophy and he is also a printmaker, so maybe he will talk about that too. I'll put a link on when he has it ready. And I took home some delicious berries. This painting was inspiring to me because I like the abstract silhouetted shape of the berries and leaves against a contrasting background.

6x6inches :: oil on canvas


JMahorney said...

amazing and beautiful. The brushstrokes of the blueberry lightside are a delight. Your work knocks me out. :)

E. Floyd said...

nice work, I like the blue round forms and how they flit across the panel.

Cathleen Rehfeld said...

jeff - thanks for the your encouragement! I love your ketchup and mustard still life. I want to see more!

e floyd - thank you for your thoughtful comments too!