Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3 Cherries - SOLD

Monday June 30, 2008
Ow. I was in pain the entire time I painted this little painting. I don't know if you are supposed to complain about physical ailments on a painting blog, but I did "something" to my back yesterday, and painting is killing me today. I kept asking myself, "why am I doing this?", but I kept painting and made these the fastest cherries I have ever painted, so my pain was part of the process of making this painting. So I guess it deserves to be part of the blog. This one is not for sale on the blog, because it is part of a show at a venue called The Gorge White House, in Hood River, on Hwy 35. It's a showcase of the finer things this area has to offer - they showcase individual wineries, and a different artist every month. This month happens to be the Cherry Festival month for the Hood River Valley.


Celeste Bergin said...

These cherries do not look pained, they look happy! Wonder how you did that? Dave and I will be coming out to see your paintings at the Gorge White House! I am certain your paintings will look gorgeous in that beautiful old historic house.
p.s. So sorry about your back! Hope you feel better soon.

E. Floyd said...

Your painting is lovely, it was sad to read about your back pain. I hope it resolves itself soon!

Jala Pfaff said...

Well, this looks absolutely amazing. Perhaps the fact that you had to paint very quickly helped it turn out such a bold statement.