Friday, November 16, 2012

Red Wine Vinegar and Clementine

Found this cool color combination in the kitchen, alizarin red wine vinegar and a little clementine orange, with an empty teal bottle in the back…

Click Here to view or buy this painting - "Red Wine Vinegar and Clementine", on Daily Paintworks website

If you aren't familiar with "Artists Helping Artists" Blog Talk Radio Show, hosted by Leslie Saeta, you should be, because her AHA show is a great resource! There are so many talented artists that Leslie has interviewed, it is worth checking out. I was lucky enough for Leslie to ask me if I wanted to be on the show, so here it is in the archives (the live show was on Thursday Nov 15) All of her interviews are conducted "live" with no editing, so all the conversations with artists are refreshingly candid. Leslie is an artist herself, so she knows all the geeky artist questions to ask, that we all want to know!
Here it is:
To Listen to the Recorded Show: