Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Plum Pom

Just experimenting with compositions. Large vs Small, Complementary colors Red vs Green, and Light vs Dark.
Click Here to view or buy this painting - Plum Pom, on Daily Paintworks website

ArtByte Update:
I'm currently working on a new one! I will tell you about it, as soon as I am closer to finishing it - maybe this week... For now, here is information about the 2 ArtBytes I have completed that are on the Daily Paintworks website.  The first one I made is about how to paint your panels with black gesso and it is free.
The second ArtByte is about painting a still life painting on black gesso, and it is $10. This one is newly updated I added some additional info, links, and photos to the original one.

If you don't already know about ArtBytes, each one contains text, images and links to products and more information, DPW has ArtBytes by other artists in the store too. ArtBytes are byte sized online art tutorials. They have concise information, not so long that you will get bored. Once you buy an ArtByte it is yours, you can look at it forever.

Take a look in the ArtByte store and let me know what you think!