Friday, May 6, 2011

Gorge Artists Open Studios Tour - Studio Sale Next Weekend May 14 & 15

Next weekend is the Gorge Artists Open Studios Tour May 14 & 15!
42 regional artists will be opening their studios to the world to come in and see what they are working on, their methods and how they make it happen. I have been very busy getting ready for the Tour.  This is one of the large paintings I am currently working on for the show/tour (two paintings, a sort of diptych, but they aren't attached) of the Hills in Eastern Oregon. Each painting measures 2ft x 2ft. They will be framed separately, but hung side by side. They will be available for purchase from my studio either separately or together. I will post a photo when they are finished and framed! 
I, like the 40 plus artists participating this year, am very excited!  It is a wonderful opportunity to discover all of the amazing talent we have here in, and around The Columbia Gorge, National Scenic Area.