Sunday, October 4, 2015

Gorge Reflections

6"x6" | oil on archival panel

Painted on site "en plein aire". An atmospheric beautiful morning...with fall colors on Wells Island.
Click this link to view "Gorge Reflections" oil painting on Daily Paintworks Website, and to see all of my available paintings.

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Victor Errington said...

Nice painting Cathleen. The water is fantastic. All the best.
P.S. My printer has packed up and. Also I can`t put the pictures on my
blog. That happened before the printer packed up. It never ends with these blogs does it Cathleen.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

nice splash of fall colours :D

Jane Hunt said...

Great plein air piece!

Elisha Dasenbrock said...

I was just listening to the AHA podcast and they kept mentioning the color of the year was white. If I remember correctly they were questioning how an artist could use the color of the year to create paintings for Interior Designers. Anyway, I think you have a wonderful example here.

Cathleen Rehfeld Meyers said...

Thank you Victor, Jane and Elisha! I do love your comment Elisha, I get what you are saying. A study in soft high key, that would look great on a white wall. Maybe I should do a LARGE version!! Thank you!