Monday, May 4, 2015

Looking Down The Gorge Clouds I

6"x6" | oil on gessoboard panel
I'm working on some large paintings of The Gorge, and I have been wanting to do a "set" of two that could go together or each one could work on it's own. So here it is, a study for the larger paintings, this is the Left side of the group...Tomorrow I will be posting the Right side... you can buy both or just one on Daily Paintworks.

Click this link to view "Looking Down The Gorge Clouds I" oil painting on Daily Paintworks Website, and to see all of my available paintings.

Here are both sides - together...
Looking Down The Gorge II will be available starting tomorrow.
Looking Down The Gorge I and II, each painting is 6"x6" but can be framed separately but next to each other
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