Thursday, March 15, 2012

Orange Slices on a Plate - sold

6"x6" unframed :: oil on panel

This painting was done as a demo for my Thursday class at the Art Center in Hood River, so it is a little more sketchy than most of my paintings.
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Sarah Beatty Lytle said...

I just love your work. It's so striking!
Just so you know - your "pin it" button doesn't work. I tried, but it was blank. I used my pin marklet button I already have.
Love your work. Ever get to the east coast for workshops?

Sunny Avocado said...

sketchy? No! usual. Love the color combo and vibrancy.

Robin Weiss said...

Nice palette Cathleen! Looks like you favor a black or very dark under-painting..and Yes! immediate and fresh!