Sunday, July 10, 2016

#844 Stumptown Glow

6"x6" | oil on archival 1/2" thick panel w keyhole back

Painted on black gesso background.

I have been saving these Stumptown Cold Brew bottles, they look so interesting with the light coming through them.
I'm also trying out a new panel to paint on. I have a photo of the back, below. It is 1/2" thick and has a keyhole on the back so that you don't have to frame it to hang it on the wall.

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back of the 1/2" thick panel with keyholes for hanging


Gayle said...

Wonderful still life painting. The presentation is also really attractive (including your label on the back). I love the ease of having paintings ready to hang. I've been making my own cradle frames for this reason. I also picked up a few panels similar to what you use at flea markets with the intention of painting over an existing image that would have been dry mounted on it - they are usually only 1/4" thick and sanding off the old picture takes some time (the paper print is bonded very tenaciously!). I haven't seen these ready-to-paint-on panels in the art supply stores yet around here. Where do you get yours from? I'm presuming these are made from MDF material. Thank you Cathleen.

Victor Errington said...

Beautiful painting Cathleen All the best.