Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It Is Cherry Season

6"x6" | oil on archival panel
A bounty of cherries here in Oregon! I like they way these turned out!

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Celeste Bergin said...

and now I suppose you get to eat them! They are beautiful!

CrimsonLeaves said...

I LOVE the way these turned out! Really beautiful deep color here and nicely offset by the lighter neutral background. Great choice of adding the greenery too!

Victor Errington said...

Yummy yummy Cathleen. Gorgeouse. there the one`s i like.All the best.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very nice and very shiny looking :)


Your use of color in this painting is spectacular. Gray works perfectly with the cherries and leaves. Highlights are outstanding.

Cathleen Rehfeld Meyers said...

Thank you everyone for your inspiring comments! Cathleen