Sunday, August 3, 2014

Early Morning Farm Barn

10" x 5 " on shellacked bee paper

This is Rasmussen Farms in Hood River OR. An early morning study in black and white oil paint for a future painting in color...

The black and white study really shows the brushwork!

Click this link to view "Early Morning Farm Barn" oil painting on Daily Paintworks Website, and to see all of my available paintings.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Cathleen, I am dying to know what "shellacked bee paper" is! Do tell! In the meantime, this study is just beautiful as is...not sure why but I keep thinking of the original Parent Trap with Hailey Mills! LOL

Ghislaine BRUNO said...

I love seeing skillful monochrome studies. This one is striking. It emphases your values and composition. I hope to see the bigger color painting soon ?


Karen Werner said...

This is so great! It really does show off your energetic brushwork.