Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Red Shoes - sold

6" x 6" :: unframed :: Oil on canvas panel
More from the Shoe Show! Red shoes are neutral… right? You can wear them with anything…
This is the last of the shoe paintings for a while, now on to - who knows what next. Stay tuned.

Click Here to View or Buy this painting on Daily Paintworks website - "Red Shoes", you can zoomify if you wish on DPW website.

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Carol Hopper said...

Your shoes are terrific! I understand wanting to paint shoes as I did that myself...just three though. We love shoes and then add to that you paint them beautifully. Of course red shoes are neutral. How many red pair do you own? My only pair is red satin and look terrific with jeans.

Thanks for sharing.

Cathleen Rehfeld said...

Hi Carol,
Thank you! I think right now, these are my only ones! I have some pink, salmon colored shoes too. Maybe those sort of count.

Christine said...

I love this series!!! I only have a few pairs of shoes...just the necessities (there are those that could argue this is too many) but I can't get enough of shoe and feet paintings and yours are charming!