Friday, September 21, 2012

The Feeling of Far - sold

6"x6" :: oil on linen panel :: The Feeling of Far

A quote from Harvey Penick - "Just let it happen. Don’t try and hit the ball far. Instead develop a feeling that the ball is going to go a long way without your really trying. And sure enough, it will. I call it The Feeling of Far."

It could apply to painting!
I'm not a golfer, but I went plein air painting today with a Portland group of painters, to Heron Lakes Golf Course (to paint). What a pretty, tranquil place to paint.

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

Your colors are beautiful in this painting and I adore those plum colored trees.
What a great expression... The Feeling of Far.

Karla said...

Love that quote! And I'd say you hit a hole in one with this painting. Beautiful!

Jo Reimer said...

I like the idea of the feeling of far. It's a sort of visualizing and follow through.
Nice work.
I've added your blog to my own blog list and will continue to follow your work and thoughts.