Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Green Bowl - sold

This is a really cool Bowl/Vase that is re-purposed from a giant green bottle. I'm not sure what kind of bottle it was. Maybe originally a magnum wine bottle? Anyway, I got it at Lucy's Informal Flowers and it's so cool. It makes a great subject to paint.

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This auction begins today, Wednesday, it is a 7 day auction.
This auction ends on Wednesday, Nov 23, 6pm PDT.

6"x6" unframed :: oil on panel


Jan W. said...

Beautiful reflections- I love the way these colors work together!

Sand Hill Art said...

I enjoy your feed each day. Will you tell me how you mix that wonderful bottle green?
I am just beginning a 16x20 of the pear orchards in Hood River.

JMahorney said...

Fantastic! I covet those brush strokes. I'm crazy about the way that that deep green rockets that little Persimmon to the viewer. :)

c.dingman said...

Great use of color.