Saturday, May 31, 2008


Every Friday we have a model come and pose for us, for a long pose - 3 hours at the Columbia Center for the Arts. It is a great opportunity to work from life, and to develop a community of artists.

This painting is available for purchase.
$95 + shipping


Cheryl McCarley said...

This is a wonderful portrait!! I love how you used so many colors on her skin, especially around her nose/cheek area. I think you should do more portraits!

JMahorney said...

Good lord, you are batting 500 lately. I agree, this is wonderful. What a beautiful harmony with all the temperature variations in the face. Good for you. :)

Alex Andrade said...

Hi! I am from Brazil and I loved your work. Would you like to visiti my blog too?

Alex Clay Andrade - Brazil

Cathleen Rehfeld said...

Hi Alex,
I would like to visit your blog, but you didn't leave the blog address. How do I find it?